1800 Unlocks - 1-800-UNLOCKS Finally Explained the Mishap

Not resolved

We had earlier issues with 1-800-UNLOCKS, until we discussed with the owners about a bill we had received. I read a few people who posted about this company and decided to complain myself...until it was explained in detail about their contract.

Seems that when we signed up, we wanted a month to month service rather than getting locked into a long term contract with their service. In section 12 it clearly states that when we decide to terminate our service, we are required to give a 30 day notice. It states that we will be billed the last 30 days as penalty for terminating the contract.

We had thought they double billed us, until we realized that we were required to pat the 2 payments to exit the service.

I think alot of these people who have complaints need to read their contract and then contact Jeff Musser or Barry Wilson, they are nice people.

Susan Belle

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